Forward Motion

Productivity makes me happy.

More specifically, my own productivity makes me really happy. And it makes my husband happy and I'm sure Lily Grace appreciates it too.

I got a lot done today and I'm feelin' really great! I was on such a high that I cleaned out the refrigerator. Now I am drained. I wonder how long it will take for me to recover? I'm sure it will be quite some time before I clean it out again. Really, if I just took things out in a timely manner I would never have to clean the fridge out again. A revolation has occurred.

Starting to learn to deal with Lily Grace's Terrible Twos. Last night we went to the football game (Go Blue Devils) for 3 1/2 minutes. Then the fit began. Many factors: the overbearing, recently entered the picture, trying to make up for lost time Grandparents; the ostentatious gifts that they brought to the game for Lily Grace to play with; the other kids who also wanted said gifts; and most importantly, exhaustion.

I've come to realize that as a parent, on account of your children, sometimes you have to miss out. Last night was the first time that I fully embraced this concept. I wasn't even mad we had to leave. While my child's best interest is always in the forefront of my mind, my selfishness is always looming and making me somewhat bitter. Horrible, I know. But I'm being completely honest here. Anyhow, last night I literally only cared about fixing Lily Grace's situation so that she could be happy, whatever that took. I feel slightly like a real adult. If I can become selfless when it comes to my children, then I truly believe I will be a successful parent. (Whatever that means. ;))


I'll see you around my home town

Hey! Guess what? I didn't give up! I've just been super busy. Let's see, there was Lily Grace's birthday party, school started, rekindled my relationship with the gym, started teaching a Wednesday night class at church, and a whole slew of other things that were so important, I can no longer remember what they were.

Well, really, the last post was so in-depth that it burnt me out. As much as I love having the pictures when I go back and read that post, it was such a pain in my arse that I'm not doing that again! One picture will be enough. If I have time. I figure an imperfect post without all the stops is better than none. Hence the one you are getting now.

Life's great. The baby is great. Hubby is great! Football season started and the cotton's blooming. My Southern side is fortified. (Yea, I just said that!!)

Too cute for words, I know.
A HUGE thanks to Jessica at "A Blog to Brag About" for fixing up this pre-made for me! It was too cute to pass up, but all my wordage at the top didn't fit. I e-mailed her, and shazaam! she was so kind to alter it a bit for me. So, THANK YOU so so much!!

P.S. Look what my incredible husband got me! :)

Two pictures! Wow, I out-did myself. Promise it won't take me 2 months to write again.