Feelin' good, Feelin' great

This article has some great (and easy!) tips on how to stay fit. I was recently at a point where I felt really comfortable, and even good, about my body. But, then I came off of being on the road every weekend for a month and am not feeling so comfy anymore. I know I need to hit the gym and watch my foods when I start feeling miserable all the time. I feel like I've just eaten a huge meal all day, even when it's been a while. Being at home I find myself snacking way too much. I like the idea of having a veggie tray in the fridge. It really gives you no excuse not to munch on the healthier things. I often times find myself making excuses as to why I don't feel like getting the carrots out (they're all the way in the bottom of that veggie drawer... and... and... ok! I'm lazy!)
One tip in particular that I challenge myself to do is this: When I feel the urge to go to the fridge I usually try and put it off as long as possible, which ultimately leads to a "binge" which is why I need to implement my own tip more often. Ok, so now that I've checked myself, here it is: When I feel the urge to go to the fridge, I go and fix a glass of water. My need for instant gratification is satisfied, and I'm saving myself, well, a lot of obvious things. It's just so easy to get distracted by yummy drinks and snacks. Plus, if I only keep skim milk and water in there I feel like I am depriving my family. Obviously, my daughter has to have whole milk and fruit juice, so there's two more things. But no sane adult drinks Mott's for Tots nor do they only ever want to drink milk. Which leads me to keep sweet tea (extra sweet the way the hubby likes it), lemonade, and any assortment of beverages so my husband doesn't get punished for my lack of self control. Anyhow, the water thing is easy to do and I keep an always full Brita pitcher. Nothing is more satisfying than an ice-cold glass of purified water. Yumm!

I like cold things. And I like sweet things. Which equals popsicles and ice cream (my weakness). Edy's Fruit Bars are delish and relatively good for you, but if you really want to watch your frozen treat intake or could simply live off of popsicles, like me, then I suggest Crystal Light popsicles. Oh man, they are wonderful! They always satisfy my sweet tooth and my cravings for cold, icy treats. We have a SnoBiz in town and it is fortunate that I have grown up so much, because if I were still on my own that is probably what I would live off of. If you don't know what SnoBiz is, think Hawaiian Ice or I guess, it's just flavored shaved ice, really. I could literally eat it every day for the rest of my life! Thank you Crystal Light--an adult's alternative!

I'm looking forward to going back to work so I get can back into my workout routine. It's so nice to be able to leave the baby at daycare a little longer so I can hit the gym. My goal this fall: to actually lose weight. It's going to be tough, but I'm ready to get serious and really push myself to stick with a routine. Typically my routines last for a max of two weeks and then a month of being sedentary. Not this time, not this girl!! I'm gonna do it, with you and God and everybody else as my witness! Hey, I just got inspired! :)

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