I got a feeling.....

Today was a good day. A good day back "home" would probably consist of some heady lunch at a crunchy little bistro and ah-mazing bargains at all my favorite stores (that does sound fun)! However, today's good, no wonderful, day was spent eating shrimp and crab legs à la in-laws and riding four-wheelers and the mule (think half four-wheeler, half golf cart) around the huntin' land where a 9 foot gator almost got one of our dear friends! Can you believe it?! I can't lie though. I really enjoy going out there with my husband and today we took our bundle of joy who will be 2 in August and we had a blast! It was a relaxed and beautiful South Georgia day and it's ones like these that I wouldn't trade for all the sky scrapers in the world! Did I mention I woke up and took my bike for a refreshing ride to start my day? "Ahhh...."

On a side-note...I would like to be in a pageant some time in my life.. just one! I'll put it on my bucket list (I just started it right this second!) I think it would be fun to get all glammed up and strut around for a little while.. who knows? I could win??? :)

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