My fingers hurt. Oh, well, now your back's gonna hurt 'cause you just pulled landscaping duty!

In other words, I've been working in my yard all day. I've been spoiled by my deck garden and have not really done a single thing to the rest of the yard all summer. Sorry, yard! I really enjoy working in my yard, but as we live in a rental I try not to invest too much into it. This yard would take a lot to get the soil right for flower beds and such. Well, maybe not A LOT a lot, but more than I am willing. So, I make due. Such as, my deck, or container, garden:
I know, I know, I've outdone myself! Well, if you had seen my weak attempt at three tomato plants last summer, this would simply blow you away. Needless to say, my tomatoes didn't do too well. I may have only produced two tomatoes so far this summer, but my plant is healthy and happy! I used 'Big Boy' this year, but next year I will be trying 'Better Boy', and possibly adding one more plant. I like to take things slow and easy. :)

During my time outside I pulled weeds, pruned trees, cut down and moved old trees, slayed a weed jungle that was taller than me, and saved a few trees' lives. Literally. There are these vines--if you know anything about them please tell me more--that will grow up and literally pull a tree down. This happened to at least two of three fallen trees on the far side of our pond. That had to be some time last spring. As soon as I noticed, I took my pruners and trimmed those trees as much as I possibly could so we could at least walk over them. Well, this time around, I cut all the limbs off that I had missed, making the now dead trees much easier to move and finally got them out of the way.
See that? Nope, didn't think so, cuz I moved all of it! Three dead trees! Sometimes, I amaze myself. Now, this next little area was completely overrun with weeds and grass and I was fearful that my lantana and knockout roses were going to be choked out. Also, some time ago I began putting brick I found behind the shed around where my garlic is, also overrun, and never finished. So I did that too.

Man, it feels good to get stuff done. Now, if the husband notices or not, I don't really care because I know what all I have accomplished! I have realized over the past couple of years that yard work is like a haircut. If he's not here to physically see it happening, it doesn't phase him. Just as well, if I mess something up, he'll never notice! But once I point it all out, I know he'll be proud of me! :)
Now, I am no photographer, but when I do get my camera out in the yard I like to take pictures of the little things that make me smile. Here are a few:

My aloe is struggling and this guy's foot is broken
thanks to curious kitties sleeping in this bowl

A couple of many bird houses and feeders throughout the yard

Wall decor on the side of the barn

Everyone needs a whirly bird

My bike. Thanks Dad. I know, it's really pink.
But, I'm a woman...so I'll embrace my femininity.

LOVE my bench! Thanks Nana and Papa!

He hides somewhere in between the mint and oregano

The black-eyed susans that inspired my deck garden. The person who gave them to me will probably never know what she sparked in me. I have always been interested in gardening, but was always scared of it for some reason. These pretty things, and some wisdom from Nana, inspired me to just do it and not care if I kill it or whatever could possibly go wrong.

And, of course, my love, my little monster, my sunshine! :)

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