Now THIS is something to blog about!

My Pampered Chef party was a success!! Not as many people came as I would have liked, considering I invited 30, but I had a great time, the house looked great and I got tons of compliments on the house, the food, the set up, etc. And yes, I'll take all the free PC stuff I can get, but feeling loved and appreciated is more than any of those fabulous kitchen gadgets could ever do for me. I'm always nervous to have people over because I feel like they can see into my soul and I try to keep that hidden for fear someone might not like it. That is perfectly normal, right? Well, I'm a little sick of being gaurded and this was going out on a major limb, but we're having Lily Grace's party soon and I'm really excited about it now! :)

Clearly I am on a successful party high! Maybe it will last all the way until like next week! Wouldn't that be something? Or forever??? Ok, ok, too much I know! Anyhow, I'd post pictures, but I was enjoying myself too much to stop and get the camera out. I prefer to commit things to my mental log, at the expense of others, but I just get caught up in the moment. Also, in this particular situation of 8 people (including myself and the consultant) pictures would have been like "look at me! I did it!" Which, I did but..... My husband tells me I read too much into things. I. couldn't. agree. more. I torture myself with what I assume others are thinking. Another thing to work on. I'm all about self-improvement and as for now, I'm maxed out, or rather would prefer to coast for a bit before I take another challenge. However, I think making assumptions is something I need to work on because we all know what happens when you assume: ass = u + me

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